The Best Gaming Chair Under 10000 in India

Best Gaming Chair Under 10000

Gaming chairs have become one of the most important assets that a real gamer can own. It’s obvious as well as they provide the right comfort with a proper sitting position, so you can completely focus on your gameplay not on correcting your postures.
Earlier, we brought to you the Top 5 Best Gaming Chairs Under 5000, but most of the listings in there were not really gaming chairs.
They were mostly office chairs that you could also use to assist you in gaming if you have a low budget of Rs. 5000. But if you have a slightly good budget like Rs. 10,000, then this guide is for you.
For this review guide, we researched the whole market to check all the gaming chair sets of different brands and compared all of them to form this final list of the Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs Under 10000, let’s begin.

Top 10 Best Gaming Chair Under 10000

SpaceX Leatherette Gaming Chair

SpaceX Leatherette Gaming Chair

Sunon Multi-Functioning Gaming Chair

Sunon Leather Office & Gaming Chair

Ant E-Sports WB-8077 Gaming Chair

Casa Copenhagen Advanced Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Key Features

  • 110 Kg Weight Support
  • High-Quality Nylon Wheels
  • Adjustable Height

SpaceX Leatherette is a high-back revolving gaming chair that is very popular in the market for consumers with a budget of Rs. 10,000.
It has over 9 different color options for you to choose from, depending upon what color theme your gaming room currently holds, you can go for the color accordingly.
Out of all these colors, the black & red color option is very popular and it sells the most in our Indian market. It has a nice soft cushion padding where you can sit comfortably for long hours.
Talking about the specs, it can easily handle up to 110 KG weight, the brand says. The quality of the rolling wheels in the bottom is really good, they are built of high-quality nylon.
Like all the other gaming chairs, you will have to manually assemble this chair by reading the instruction manual provided by the company in the box.
If you have a budget under Rs. 10000, this gaming chair shall be your first priority as it offers everything a budget gamer would expect in a gaming chair.

Key Features

  • Massage Function
  • High-Quality Leather Built
  • Smooth Caster Wheels

Sunon Multi-Functioning gaming chair is one of the most premium gaming chairs you can buy around Rs. 10,000. In fact, it is much more than just a regular comfortable gaming chair.
This high-end premium chair also has massage functioning that comes with comfortable neck & back support. You can even detach the neck support when you’re done taking the rest.
Also, you are free to adjust the height of this chair from 122.5cm to 130cm. That’s enough to match up with most of the Indian gaming desks.
The Sunon Multi-Functioning gaming chair has a high-quality leather built that comes in the high-end expensive gaming chairs. You get the same built quality at this price point in this chair.
For to and fro movement, this gaming chair has really smooth 5 rolling caster wheels that are also built with good quality. It is a one-time investment that you can do to level up your gaming career.

Key Features

  • Latest Ergonomic Design
  • Comfortable PU Leather
  • Wide & Thick Sitting Cushions

The Sunon Leather office cum gaming chair is a wonderful option if you want to go with the Sunon brand but are in need to look for different models.
After their multi-functioning gaming chair, this leather gaming chair is quite very popular in the market. The only major difference in both these chairs is that this one does not have neck and back support.
If you don’t feel like that is something important for you and you want to save a few bucks, this model is definitely the go-to choice for you.
This gaming chair offers the same similar features as the multi-functioning chair, but it only lacks neck-back support and massage functioning.
It provides you with the same comfort level and built quality as in that chair. The main USP of this gaming chair is its latest ergonomic design.
If you want to spice up your gaming room’s look, there’s no better option than this Sunon leather gaming chair for you.

Key Features

  • Butterfly Mechanism
  • High-Density Foam
  • Adjustable Back-Rest

Ant E-Sports WB-8077 has recently got craze in the market. Ant-E is a very popular brand in India for its various gaming equipment.
Now as the craze for gaming chairs is getting high, they have started rolling out their professional & premium designed gaming chairs as well.
This model comes with a special butterfly mechanism that is built with high-density foam for that extra comfort that you need during your gaming.
Whenever you get your chicken dinner, you can take your winning rest on the backrest by tilting it up to 90-135 degrees.
It is available in red & green designs so you can accomplish your desired gaming room look. The specialty of this gaming chair is that it comes with a PVC metal frame along with an 80mm class 4 gas fit as well.
The Ant E-Sports WB-8077 gaming chair is a really good option for people looking for the best gaming chair under 10000 in India.

Key Features

  • 2-D Arm Rest
  • 3-D Lumbar Rest
  • 4-D Head Rest

Casa Copenhagen is a very advanced mechanism ergonomic gaming chair that comes with a very premium-looking design.
It is designed and imported from Denmark, a mesh-back gaming chair that provides an amazingly comfortable experience.
The cushion of this gaming chair is extremely comfortable to sit upon for long gaming hours. The main USP of this gaming chair is its special 2-D armrest support, 3-D Lumbar support & comfortable 4-D headrest support.
You can easily assemble the chair manually by yourself under 15 minutes by following the instruction manual provided inside the delivered box.
Each of these gaming chairs is tested before sending out for delivery with different weight capacities, if you are a gym freak, it can also handle your weight easily.
For about Rs. 10,000, this is definitely a good option to consider if you’re really looking to purchase one to enhance your gaming setup.

X Volsport Racing Edition Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Caddy Back Support Office & Gaming Chair

Green Soul Newyork High Back Mesh Chair

Savya Home Apex Crusader XI Gaming Chair

Green Soul Jupiter-Superb Ergonomic Chair

Key Features

  • Car-Seat Design
  • Racing Edition
  • 4-Level Cylinder Certified

The X Volsport ergonomic gaming chair is no less than a racing car seat. The design of this gaming chair is its USP for most consumers.
I guess to you as well, this gaming chair must have impressed you in the first place. Not just design, in fact, this chair has a lot of features to offer as well.
Along with normal hand-rests, this chair also does has thigh support along with waist & shoulder pads as well. You can also remove the headrest if you don’t feel like using it.
The lumbar pillow at the back gives extra comfort to your sitting position. One other most important thing to note down here is that it’s certified by SGS with a 4-Level cylinder.
The built quality of this chair is really very sturdy as it’s built with a 2mm thick steel frame and all other materials are used at their best quality.
Considering its price, this X Volsport Racing Edition gaming chair is one of the very premium gaming chairs available in India at this price point.

Key Features

  • 6 Months Warranty
  • Good After-Sales Support
  • Adjustability

The Caddy Back Support Office & Gaming chair is another good option for people looking to buy gaming chairs under a tight budget.
This gaming chair has dimensions of 558.8mm in depth & 482.6mm in height respectively. It is built with high-quality PU leatherette.
Not just for gaming, you can also use it as an office chair at your daily work computer table. You can easily adjust the height and other settings of the chair as per your preference.
The design of this chair looks really premium in front of your desk. At this price, it is definitely one of the reasons to buy this gaming chair.
The brand does provide you with instructions to assemble the chair yourself at home. It hardly takes some of your time.
Also, if you face any issues with this gaming chair, you can easily get it returned or changed within the first 6 months of buying.
If you are looking for a fancy chair to sit upon to enhance your overall gaming setup, this is surely a good investment that you can think of.

Key Features

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Comfortable for Long Hours
  • Sweat-Free Mesh Chair

The Green Soul New York high back ergonomic mesh chair can be a really good option for people looking for a gaming cum office chair under 10000.
As it’s a complete mesh design chair, the air passes through easily and hence you can sit upon it in summer for long hours without feeling sweat on the chair.
The seat is extremely comfortable and is built while keeping long hour sitting comfortability in mind. You can sit upon it to play either game or even do your office work for long hours.
The green soul is one of the very popular brands that is selling gaming chairs in India. Consumers never really complain about the bad quality of their chairs.
If you are planning to purchase a gaming chair under 10000, this Green soul New York mesh chair can be a suitable choice for your needs.

Key Features

  • Breathable PU Leather Built
  • 360 Swivel
  • Comfortable Soft Sitting

The Savya Home Apex Crusader XI Ergonomic gaming chair is one of the most premium options that you can purchase listed on this list.
If you can go above the 10000 budget, this is one of the most premium and luxurious gaming chairs that you can buy for your setup at this price point.
The design of the chair looks premium already. In addition, it comes with tilt-lock adjustment as well so you can lock your chair at your desired position.
It comes with a 360 swivel along with large alloy-style casters. You can easily move within your gaming room while sitting on your chair.
Also, you can rest on your back as far as you want as it stretches back to give you relaxation whenever you need a break from gaming or your office work.
At last, all I’d say is that at its price point, it is definitely a gaming chair that you can consider buying for yourself. You can use it for both gaming & office work purposes.

Key Features

  • Nylon Breathable Structure
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Made in India

The Green Soul Jupiter-Superb Ergonomic is the last but not the least chair in our list of best gaming chairs under 10000 in India.
This looks a bit more like an office chair. Yes, you can use it for your office work purpose too. But for gaming as well, this is still one of the very best choices under Rs. 10000.
As the back is complete mesh, it is very breathable and hence you will not feel sweat in this hot summer at your office or gaming time.
It has an adjustable lumbar support so you can sit in a perfectly relaxed position for hours to keep doing your work or gaming.
The frame material of this ergonomic gaming chair is built with nylon that makes it really strong and steady. It can easily handle upto 125 KGs weight and it’s back tested before sent for selling.
Most importantly this gaming chair is made in India, if you buy this, you’re indirectly contributing to our Make in India initiative.
You get over 3 years of warranty support on this gaming chair so you can easily return or replace your unit if you face any kind of issues with it in the time frame.
At last, all I’d say is under its price, it is definitely a gaming chair that you can consider buying on a budget of Rs. 10000.

Things to Look at in a Gaming Chair Under 10000

A gaming chair is a very essential equipment that you must buy if you are really trying hard to level up your gaming performance.
Just like you have invested in a good device to play in, you must also invest in a good comfortable place to sit in while playing games.
Especially, if you are a streamer or a PC gamer, you must and must invest in a gaming chair. You can easily buy a really good gaming chair for under 10000.
In this list we have listed out all the best options that you can buy under 10000 Rupees. There is all the essential info about the gaming chairs that you must know.
But still, to make things more simple and easier to understand for you, here is a quick glimpse of what to look for while buying a gaming chair under 10000. So that it’s at least worth the money that you’re investing in it.

Built Material

If you have never ever bought a gaming chair before, the most important thing you must notice is its built material. You should never compromise with your gaming chair’s built quality.
If your chair material is soft & comfortable, you can easily sit upon it for hours and hours to continue enjoying your regular chicken dinners on it.
There are a lot of different brands that use different built materials in their different gaming chair models. Some use leather, plastic, nylon & even plastic too.
You should prefer choosing a chair with leather built material. In fact there are two types of leather materials found in gaming chairs, Faux leather & PU leather.
Faux leather costs cheaper as compared to PU, that is why you may see cracks in your cushion after a few months of usage of your gaming chair.
However, PU leather gaming chairs are very comfortable and there you’ll never face such issues with a PU leather gaming chair.
The conclusion here is that you must opt for a high quality PU leather gaming chair, that is the best built quality you can get under Rs. 10000.


A lot of gaming chairs come with fully functional adjustability features. From 360 swivel mode to lumbar adjustment, from back stretched rest support to height adjustability, you can get various adjustability features in a gaming chair.
At a budget of Rs. 10000, you can easily get a gaming chair that does offer all of these adjustability features. So you must go for a gaming chair that comes along with these features instead of one that lacks these awesome adjustment functionality.


Well if you buy a model from our list of the best gaming chairs under 10000 in India, you definitely do not have to worry about the price of these chairs.
All these listed items here in this list, we have ourselves tested them out before we recommend them to you.
But still, before buying any gaming chair, you must look at its price. It should be at least value for money. The amount you’re investing in your gaming chair must provide you the comfortability that you expect from such an expensive chair.
So always think twice before investing in a gaming chair, it should be a value for money deal. You can confirm it after looking at all its features and comparing it with the other gaming chairs at the same price.


Gaming chairs can easily help you increase your gaming focus and gameplays. If you practice your PC gaming on a soft and comfortable gaming chair for a few months, you will see significant changes in your gaming skills.
In this article, we concluded the top 10 best gaming chair under 10000 that you can buy in India. Make sure you tell us in the comments which one are you most interested in.
For more amazing gaming chair buying guides and reviews, please keep visiting at our website. See you later in a new article.

Well, I don’t know what is cheap for you, it can vary from person to person. But if you’re looking for a cheap gaming chair under 5000, you can read our complete article for that.

Well, if you have got a very premium gaming chair that is extremely comfortable to sleep on. It has all the comfortability adjustment features like height adjustment, back-stretch, 360 swivel, then you can definitely take quick naps upon it.
But you should not sleep overnight on your gaming chair as it may harm your spine and overall body posture. Also, if your chair stays in a reclined position for long, it can harm your chair as well.

Well, assembling a gaming chair can be a tough task for you if you have never done it so far. But no issues, we are here to help you out with that, you can easily watch a video tutorial for your specific gaming chair model, you can easily find a tutorial on youtube.
If not, you can easily assemble your gaming chair yourself by just reading the assembling instruction manual provided by the company inside the box.

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